Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Helloooo everyone!

As a foodie, I love finding things I can add to my meals to give them an extra oomph with health benefits. So far, my smoothies have been boosted by spirulina, chocolate treats made healthier with cacao, and decorated my porridge with chia and flaxseeds to up my intake of minerals and nutritional good stuff that makes my body feel and perform better.

With Christmas just around the corner, baking mode has been fully activated - lots of yummy recipes coming your way ;) - so I've been searching for superfoods to turn those old time treats into healthier alternatives, even with an extra slice or two! Spotting some amazing deals and brands over the past month, there are three new faves in my life which I think are going to make your meals and baking extra special too...

Lucuma Powder comes from fruits native to Peru, and has a delicious Caramel flavour thanks to the natural yellow flesh. It's been used centuries over as a sweetener, but it also provides you with a source of Potassium - regulates blood pressure, Iron - combats fatigue, and Zinc - repairs and maintains health bones and reproductive organs.

I picked this Naturya powder from Ocado who were doing a Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer, which is really great as some of these superfoods can be pricey, and so far it's tasted really good in the bakes I've made.

As it's a sweetener, you can add this into ice-cream, cakes, smoothies, yogurt and even fudge and you will get the sweet taste you desire without the nasty chemicals, plus the health benefits. All you need is 10-15g per day, or as much as you desire in your bakes, and you'll be happy knowing you're eating something with goodness and that's contributing to the working of your body.

Nutrition per 100g: 306 kcal | 1.1g Fat | 57.3g Carbs | 25.9g Dietary Fibre | 4g Protein | 760mg Potassium | 4mg Iron | 2.8mg Zinc

I have to be honest and say I'd never heard of Aguaje Powder* before Minvita sent me some to try, but from what I have read it seems to be the new superfruit to add to your meals! A palm tree that produces the superfruit in a lovely chestnut colour, Aguaje is high in so many minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to the insides and outsides of your body. Here's something to get you started - it contains 20 times more Beta Carotene (pro-vitamin A) than Carrots, 25 times more Vitamin E than Avocado, and equal amounts of Vitamin C as an Orange. 

Also high in fibre and phytoestrogens and oleic acids which are important in human nutrition, it's been most commonly linked to Brazilian women due to its properties as a 'curvy fruit'. Although this is still debatable, many women have seen their boobs, bums and curves enhanced and shaped due to the phytoestrogens and oleic acids spurring the body to develop more hormones in these areas to grow. Right now, I can't say if this is conclusive, but the taste of the powder works wonderfully in porridge and smoothies - plus brownies which will be coming soon ;)

Nutrition per 100g: 265 kcal | 10.5g Fat | 18.7g Carbs | 11.4g Fibre | 3g Protein | 242mg Vitamin A | 90mg Vitamin E | 55mg Vitamin C

Despite the recent panic over Chocolate running out in 20 years, I'm pretty relaxed. Since discovering Cacao and it's raw natural benefits, I've made chocolates and truffles from the powder but now I'm upping the game with these Cacao Nibs. Not too dissimilar to your regular Chocolate Chips, these small potent goodies are simply unprocessed cocoa beans from sourced Theobroma cacao cocoa beans before being allowed to ferment in their natural rich flavours.

The even better part? This chocolate source is good for your body - chocolate that's good for you, that's the news we should be shouting about everywhere! Cacoa Nibs are high in Magnesium which helps support your nervous health system, Potassium which supports normal nervous system function, and Iron which contributes to cognitive function.

These are perfect in your granola, brownies, biscuits, porrdige - almost anywhere because they taste so naturally delicious and help your bodily functions; chocolate worth investing in!

Nutrition per 100g: 630 kcal | 55.2g Fat | 15.2g Carbs | 10.6g Fibre | 12.7g Protein | 490mg Potassium | 240mg Magnesium | 3.4mg Iron

Instead of overindulging too much this Christmas, try out some of your own home bakes that incorporate some SuperFoods or Fruits to help improve your health, and be amazed at how much better you'll feel when you can have a non-guilty second serving.

Are you a fan of superfoods and fruits? Have you tried any of Minvita's products? Would you try any of these foods yourself?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Helloooo everyone!

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of heading down to London to see the babes from M&Co and Search Laboratory for a little sneaky peek at the SS15 collection. It's odd being in the middle of a Christmas mad phase and then going to swoon over nautical and pastel prints - the life of the fashion industry though ay?

The early morning was totally worth it, walking through London to see all the Christmas lights - major excitement - and heading on over to the beautiful building in Portman Square where the event was being held. Gorgeous architecture that wouldn't look out of place in an Austen inspired TV series, but that's not what you're here for is it?

The M&Co SS15 Collection takes inspiration from the hand painted washes seen on the Chanel and Michael Kors catwalks, making Spring feel very relaxed and swishy in the light lace and sheer fabrics hand-picked by the designers. With four collections to view, and a fruit stick in hand - blogger's breakfast dontcha know? - I was more than in my element at picking out clothes I would love in my recently cleared out wardrobe - that's how it seems to work I fear.

The first rails showcased the 'easy daywear', full of stripes, patterned trousers inspired by the 50's but with that modern jacquard twist I absolutely love. Fresh lace details in throw-on cuts made me want every piece as it's so easy to wear with jeans or a pretty skirt.

The Promenade collection was one of my favourites, part of a selection of pieces that's a little more dressed up but easy to rock to brunch, town or a city break. More tailored, defined strokes of colour to offset reversed monochrome, before weaving into the workwear section with bold square checks and bold yellow tones to brighten up any day in the office.

Being on the hunt for new pieces, I was drawn to a 30's inspired full skirt with a blue hand-brushed effect - so pretty for Spring with a slouchy tee tucked in during the day with sandals, or a Bardot crop with little boots or heels! There were also some gorgeous cut-out ankle boots dotted around in lovely browns and blues which I'm very much looking forward to being released too as they would look perfect with so many Spring outfits.

Pastels are making a comeback again thanks to the influence of Michael Kors, and there were absolutely gorgeous, floaty pieces mixed with boutique designs that wouldn't go amiss in Chelsea or a SS15 wedding - perfect inspiration! There's also a big emphasis on shape enhancing cuts and designs, with lots of pulled in waists, gathered centers to create an hourglass figure and disguise the mid-section without losing confidence.

Statement prints and designs were the main themes to take away from the whole collection; from the cut-out chunky boots, sleek modern heels and classic clutch designs, to squared tops for casual cool, bold flashes of yellow and pastel and 50's inspiration, the collection is a definite hit and has something for every shape, size, type of woman and style to flatter - a fabulous all round brand in my opinion!

Along with viewing the collection, it was the perfect chance to catch up with Jennifer from Search Laboratory about life since our last meeting (turns out our birthdays are two days apart - love random links like that!), and to also meet some of the lovely ladies from M&Co and Search Labs to chat about the brand, designs and inspiration, and what was coming up with the company; such a lovely bunch of ladies, who were also so very kind about the work I'd done for them on my post - kisses all round!

I also did some filming for the M&Co site on how I'd style my chosen SS15 piece which should be up on their blog by the end of this week - keep yo eyes peeled here - I'm definitely loving structured feminine pieces with a slouchy tee for cool comfort next season for day to night ease and style.

One of the things I love most about blog events is the people you get to meet, and I finally got to meet the beautiful Josie from Fashion Mumblr, who it turns out used to live in the town near me - crazy! - and was an absolute babe, definitely taking her up on her coffee offer when I'm down in London, and right at the end I was chatting to the gorgeous and lovely Georgie from Georgie Away With The Fairies; we bonded over a love of Benedict Cumberbatch, Christmas, and fashion bargains before hot-footing over to Selfridges for a scout out of the beauty halls - please someone, get me some Charlotte Tilbury - and the amazing Christmas floor, which was full of so many treats and decorations to get you in the festive mood.

Saying our goodbyes and strolling my favourite route of New Bond Street, through Green Park and past the palace, the decorations and Christmas displays were truly stunning, and the park had this beautiful haze I had to stop and take in - the amazing vastness of green, a lovely and rare moment of appreciation in nature for me I'll tell you.

From all the pieces I got to view, I can definitely see M&Co's SS15 collection being a huge hit. As a massive fan of their jeans, I can image the rest of their line is high quality and really needs more attention - so many great tops, I can't! Even with my Christmas Elf nature taking over life 24/7 right now, I am very excited at this teaser of what's to come next year - here's to a stylish 2015!

Thanks to the awesome crew at Search Labs and M&Co for inviting me down, I cannot wait to see what more SS15 has in store (rhyme not intended).

Are you a fan of M&Co? What are styles are you looking forward to for SS15? Are you still getting excited for Christmas?!

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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Monday, 24 November 2014

Helloooo everyone!

Skincare is most likely to be the one thing I won't skim on. If it doesn't work or suit my needs, I will say and I won't use it again. I'm pretty...cut throat shall we say? If it doesn't decongest and clear my skin, or it misses that super soft, bright and clean feeling, then 99% of the time won't reach for it again and will pass it on to a better home (or the bin).

After years of up and down tribulations, and slowly getting back up there now with my current routine, I was more than interested in trying the Rodial STEMCELL Super-Food range*. After much research into the brand, the use of antioxidents and natural ingredients made me squeal with excitement and I promptly set aside my usual routine to simply focus on the one range to see how it made my skin feel - and the results have been quite interesting...

Trialing the Cleanser*, Day Cream SPF15*, Glam Balm Multi* and Glam Balm Lip*, I was looking for super nourishment and hydration properties that led to baby soft skin and a clearer complexion. The range itself focuses on dehydrated skin, which I wouldn't have classed myself as, however with winter nearing it's important to make sure your skin is balanced and absorbing all the necessary nutrients. To give you the full low-down on how the products work and what they've given me in terms of results, I'm going to get my chatty hat on and go through each product with lots of 'oohs' and 'aaahs' and 'hmms'. Grab a cuppa, it's going to get deep.

The Glam Balm LIP*  hands down has to be the most nourishing lip balm I've ever used. Say goodbye to chapped lips this winter, as just by using this even twice a day, you lips will feel like pillows. The combination of stem-cell technology, PhytoCellTec Alp Rose, Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil and Pomegranate creates this gorgeous layer of protection which boosts collagen production and keeps the pout hydrated. I've found that after regular use throughout the day, my lips feel softer and smoother, with any dryness from the surrounding environment not being as harsh thanks to the protective and nourishing properties of this balm!

I've really been getting into my day and night cream recently so I was beyond pleased to try the Super-Food Day Cream*. Again used for nourishing and restoring, it also markets as a colour-correcting product which blurs imperfections and diminishes signs of aging thanks to the gorgeous blend of Rose Hip Seed Oil, Goji Berry, Wheat Germ Oil and the PhytoCellTec Alp Rose. Luckily I'm not showing any signs of ageing yet but it's never too early to prep the skin, and I've definitely noticed a more plump and boosted appearance in my skin texture. I have to say that immediately after using the cream, my skin does appear clearer but I still have old red blemish marks still lingering so it's not completely got rid of any signs of those, but they have almost become sealed over so whilst it looks like they're still there you can't actually get them out as the product has built some sort of protective layer - this isn't necessarily a bad thing as it means you can't go messing, but a good ol'face mask will soon help clear out anything left over that the range hasn't already targeted!

For a total overload of balmy goodness, Glam Balm™ Multi  absolutely nails it on the head. A multi purpose product for super hydration, combining the range's key ingredient of PhytoCellTec™ Alp Rose stem cells with the equally awesome 3D Hyaluronic Filling Spheres™ to boost the skin's vitality and give it an intense hit of hydration along with the added super-food oils and vitamins to feed the skin. The possibilities with this product are endless, you can literally use it on anything, in fact it comes with a list of 100 uses - from mixing with your exfoliator to help buff drier skin and as a massage for your eye area during a long flight, to adding it to your fave blush to make a cream product and as a protective seal on your nose, ears and so on when the cold bitter wind bites; I did use this around my nose when I had a bit of a cold and it stung a little which was a bit annoying, however it's a lovely nighttime moisture boost when the central heating and cold play havoc on your skin.

Finally, Rodial's Super-Food Cleanser. A dual-action pot which made my eyes pop due to the sheer size of it. You only need a ring-finger size amount, so this will last you months - talk about value for money! Mixed in with the usual ingredients is Coconut Oil, Rose Wax and Cocoa Butter which leaves a divine spa-like feel to your cleanse, and when shouldn't a cleanse feel spa-like really? The pot comes with a lovely little muslin cloth which helps exfoliate the skin as you remove the product in the most gentle way that you don't even realise, plus you can also leave the cleanser on longer for a real intense rehydration. I personally use this as a second cleanse if I've worn make-up as it replenishes the skin after removing all the products, and helps it soak up more of the goodness, as well as every morning and night on a bare-face day. 

When I originally wrote this review, I said that my skin felt totally nourished and looks clearer, however since then - and I am not 100% sure weather the cleanser has caused it or it's coming to that time - but my skin has erupted in places where I used to get acne, and caused deep cystic lumps on my cheekbones and jawline, and I've not had a breakout like this in three years. It's not all over, but a few have come up and as it's not happened in a while, it's a massive thing to notice after having good skin for a few years. I have ran the ingredients through a site and there a apparently a few that can trigger spots (such as Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter, Cetearyl Alcohol, Tocopherol and Triethanol amine) so if you are prone then this may not be the cleanser for you.
With that said, my skin feels so soft - softer than with layers of oils and serums - without causing an oily layer on my face, that it feels hard to not have it in my routine. As I said before, I can't pinpoint if it's the product that has caused the spots to come up as the timing is bad, but after two weeks of using this range something has come up (literally) out of the norm. I've now started using the cleanser every other day or so and after taking off my make-up to nourish the skin, as I think it may be a bit rich for everyday use but it does give me a kick of hydration when I need it, and now that my skin has calmed down it seems to be working better!

All in all, Super-Food is a great product for nourishment; one of  the best new ranges I've tried for replenishing, rebalancing, nourishing and cleansing. The combination of the super stem cell ingredients and antioxidants is really impressive, but with this outbreak coming up whilst using the range it's made me hesitate whether it's too rich for my skin type or not. As I can't for certain say 'it's this or this', I will say that, if you get dehydrated skin in the winter, give this a go (you can buy a discovery set here for £30!) but if your skin can't handle rich formulas or you are wary of breakouts, then maybe look at more tailored ranges.

Despite the um's and ah's, I will be keeping this in my routine through the winter and giving it a fair go - I honestly have been impressed so far and it's gentle to use all over the face. I actually feel bad bringing up the breakout because the products so far have been so good, and what I've read of the brand has been awesome too, so despite my 'cut-throat' nature, I'm quite happy to make an exception in this scenario and say Rodial gets a thumbs up from me and I'll be keeping this brand safely away from prying hands.

Have you ever tried Rodial? What do you think of the ingredients? Are you a skincare lover?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

Products have been sent for review. The opinions here do not reflect those of the company or PR brand, nor have they been influenced by them. Please see my full disclaimer for more.

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Friday, 21 November 2014

Hellooooo everyone!

It's only 4 Fridays until Christmas - eeeeeek! As we make the transition into more winter appropriate fashion, it's time to focus on glitz and glamour that's easy to rock day through night. I love breaking out of the usual 'jeans and jumper' routine by injecting a statement piece to grab everyone's attention, and nothing screams Christmas glamour than a glittery skirt.

Scarf - Old | Jumper - H&M (see similar) | Skirt - Urban Outfitters (see similar) | Boots - Topshop (see similar)

Thankfully, navy and black have made a comeback in the fashion world - what was once a big 'no-no' is now a big YES for injecting some (darker) colour into your usual black routine, which is right up my street as I have real trouble pulling off all-black in the day.
Creating a dynamic look involves lots of different textures, so glitter and velvet are some of the perfect ways to mix up black tones in any look, and an injection of varied navy tones keeps the outfit chic and classic for any day-to-night occasion - simple switch up your shoes and you're good to go!

This is one skirt I love to pull out for any festive occasion or on a dull day, as it gets everyone talking and makes me feel better about the day - when you need a bit of sparkle, let your skirt inspire you right? As a firm believer in 'evening wear for day wear', I thoroughly recommend you try a sparkly top, fancy dress or leather trousers with heels at least once a week to make you feel glamorous either in the office or out and about running errands - give your clothes a moment to shine and be loved!

Do you love sparkly skirts? Would you wear evening pieces in the day? Do you love navy and black together?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Hellooooo everyone!

Falafels are one of those easy to make and eat things that you kind of always forget about. I always think they would be perfect for dinner when I spot them in the supermarket, but the traces of wheat, potato and milk put me off a bit, so I actually decided for once to make my own and

A combination of flavour, texture and healthy ingredients = perfect lunchtime filler that's quick to make and bake. What's not to love? Go get your apron on, you'll be dying to bake these.

Ingredients (makes 16)
1 Can of Chickpeas (Rinsed) | 2-3 Medium Onions | 3 Mushrooms | 2 Medium Carrots | ½ Piece Rye Bread | ¼ Cup Pumpkin Seeds | ¼ Tsp Cinnamon, Mixed Spice, Coriander and Cumin | 2 Cloves Garlic

1. Preheat your oven to 200°c, and slice up the onions and garlic to cook until soft in Coconut Oil. Rinse and empty the chickpeas, setting aside until later. Add the mushrooms and shaved carrots to the onions and allow to cook through on a medium heat. Break up the rye bread and add the pumpkin seeds to your blender, and pulse until a fine breadcrumb texture.

2. Once the onions, mushrooms and carrots are cooked and soft, add them along with the spices and chickpeas to the blender and pulse until combined and a smooth texture. If it's hard to blend, add in some water to loosen. Check the taste and texture, adjusting accordingly, and then get making!

3. On a lined baking tray, take a tablespoon of mixture and spread the falafel mixture into 16 blobs - technical term. Bake on the middle shelf for 10 minutes, and then turn the tray around and cook for another 10 minutes until firm on the outside.

4. When you come to eat your falafels, you want a nice baked texture that's crispy. You can either fry the falafel in oil, or using a griddle pan, wipe on some melted coconut oil and grill the outsides on a high/medium heat for 3 minutes either side. This adds a lovely crunch to contrast the soft centre, and is ready to serve up in your lunch or dinner with some avocado, yogurt dip and salad - perfection.

Little baked goodies full of healthy filling ingredients, great for dipping as a snack or as an accompaniment to your curry or stir-fry, and it's so easy and quick to make you'd be cray cray to not give it a go! Make it your own by jazzing up the filling by adding some sweet potato or fresh herbs, or play around with ways to incorporate falafel into your meals this week.
They also stay fresh in an air-tight container for 5-7 days, but honestly, you'll munch them in two days because they taste sooooo good - you can trust me! So, next time you're thinking of picking up some falafel in the shop, or any other easy to make food, give it a go yourself at home and see what versions you can create for a taste sensation.

Are you a fan of falafels? Do you like Moroccan food? What are your favourite quick healthy snacks?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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Monday, 17 November 2014

Helloooo everyone!

Beauty and make-up is a fabulous way of playing around with looks, and it's something I think every young girl looks forward to using when they're little. As I've gotten older and wiser over the years through my beauty disasters and holy grail finds, I've found there's nothing more satisfying than a high-quality palette with every colour you need under one lid. 

Whether your budget reaches £10 or £100, there's a palette for you with all the essential colours you need, plus one that is just a bit of luxury tailoring and a perfect piece to add to over the years. The main criteria with a good palette is a range of shimmers and mattes - either cool or warm toned depending on your skin - which are an easy to blend consistency - buttery and non-creasing is the game here - plus have wearable shades you're actually going to use - pretty obvious I know but you don't want to spend your money on a palette which you'll only use half of!

For the Budget Beauty Babe If you're starting out, looking for a good present for a younger relative, or needing a new addition to your make-up without forking out loads, then Sleek is the way to go. With a total of twelve various palettes, their consistency isn't far off from Urban Decay and they blend so well, you'd be mad not to give them a go. For easy everyday make-up, with a bit of autumn depth for those nights out, the Au Naturel palette* has got you covered. The palette is balanced perfectly with mattes and shimmers, with various shades for day and night that you can touch up throughout the day thanks to the large mirror - you gotta love a large mirror. There's also a good mix of cool and warm tones so you will find something for everyone in this palette, plus I've found the peachy/orange shade a good product to pat over my concealer to knock back any dark circles - you only need a little though. Great pigmentation, a diverse enough range of shades and finishes, and a bargain price.

For the Luxury Loving Lady One of the most coveted palettes in the beauty world, Urban Decay hit the nail on the head with their NAKED range. Spanning three palette in various tones (NAKED 1 for more yellow skintones, 2 for cool-to-neutral and 3 for pink toned skin), each shade across the board is unique to their set, and have a spot on blend of creamy mattes and shimmers. My NAKED palette is the most used out of my collection as the range of shades makes it easy to adapt to each occassion, and there's lots of shades you can throw on quickly, blend out and be ready to go. For £37, it is classed as higher end beauty, but you get a great quality product that will last you through every event and new season style. It may not be good if you're a hoarder, but for a tailored palette to your skin tone with highly pigmented and long-lasting shades (plus a free primer), it's worth the dolla!

For the Colour Collecting Chicka When I bought my first (and only, so far) MAC Pro Palette, I felt like I'd made a big step into the beauty world. Crazy, I know, but it feels like one of those things you'd bring up in conversation and people would be like 'woowwww', simply because it's a bit expensive and luxurious to build up. Aside from make-up artists and beauty gurus, you don't need a huge Pro Palette, although if you're a MAC girl forever then spending your money on a 'make your own' collection might by your best investment to date. From shades you can use on your lids and as eyebrow powder, to the deep winter cranberries and holy grail neutrals, MAC has every rainbow of colour available which you can build in sets of 2, 4 and 15. The shades are a balanced amount of pigmentation, you can layer them easily and build up the intensity whilst others are an instant 'WOW' factor. A palette of 4 will set you back £45 (que wincing) but the quality and multi-purpose use is worth the price if you are a dedicated MAC girl, plus for on-the-go, you won't get as high quality and perfectly blended range of shades small enough to transport than this quad.
If you have a girlfriend or relative who wants to make a make-up commitment, treat them to a custom made quad this Christmas or birthday, and they'll be on Cloud 9.

The beauty market is so huge now that it can feel daunting making a palette choice, but whatever your budget there is a high-quality product for you. Personally, I think NAKED palettes are worth the investment and would be my #1 choice for each day, but for on-the-go, MAC's range of quads and selected colours make it easy to pick the key, easy to wear shades and maximise bag space when travelling. Ultimately, you have to find a price range and quality that suits you, which is why it's fab to see Sleek doing such a great job with their ranges whilst giving you the pigmentation you'd expect for £40+.
As long as you have a creamy, diverse selection of shades, your palette will serve you a long time until it's pan has been well and truly hit. Single shades may come and go, but your palette will stay with you forever, satisfaction guaranteed.

Are you a palette lover? What eyeshadow ranges do you buy? Do you have any palette suggestions?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

P.S I'm hosting the Healthy Selves chat tonight on Twitter @ChatHealthy / @LaurenShipleeey using #healthyselves - come pop along to talk about Alternative Lifestyle - juicing, gluten free eating and your thoughts on clean food!

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Friday, 14 November 2014

Helloooo everyone!

I think we all know by now that I'm super excited for Christmas; like stupidly excited. With about 80% of my presents bought, and all the wrapping ready to go, there's only a few things left to do - decorate the house (more), get baking some festive treats, and to don the ol'christmas jumper.

As someone who loves their comfort clothes, I need to invest in something warm, long-lasting, high-quality, and also totally fit for the season, which thankfully comes in the form of Funky Christmas Jumpers.

Yes, yes, I have talked about this awesome brand enough already, but seriously, if you're into your Christmas spirit you want a jumper so unique and smile-inducing that it can only reflect your obsessive Christmas behaviour. I got my hands on the Extreme Santa* design, and there's just so much I love about it - it's navy (yay for blue tones), it's got Santa on it (my fave), and it's just the perfect mix of one-off style and spot-on humour to bring in the festive spirit.

Everyone I've come across whilst wearing this has made the jumper into a huge talking point, as they absolutely love the loud, bold print and I think that goes to show that FCJ's brand vision is working! Built on the past lack of variety and good quality novelty designs, FCJ has come leaps and bounds in bringing smiles to people's faces and taking on the high street in terms of quality and range of products. Tell me one high street brand that has a 'Happy Birthday Jesus' or Elf Jumper? Pure. Quality. Lols.

Extreme Santa Jumper* - Funky Christmas Jumpers
If you're struggling to find a unique present for someone this year, or want to invest in a totally cool not-on-the-high-street Christmas piece to keep you warm, then Funky Christmas Jumpers is the way to go - if it's okay for Scott Disick, Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Rita Ora then yanno, I want a slice of that mince pie. A high quality product with high-quality happiness festive factor - winner winner Roast Turkey dinner. Bring on Christmas!

Have you bought a Funky Christmas Jumper? Are you a fan of novelty festivewear? What are you looking forward to wearing this Christmas?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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