Monday, 1 September 2014

Helloooo everyone!

Picking up from last week's #AutumnApproach beauty post, I wanted to share my transitional products that I love to dig out once the warmer red tones start to scatter the streets and shops.

I think Autumn make-up might be my favourite as you get to play with loads of dark, rich tones plus the golden darker blushers look so nice against the natural pink form cold winds, so to get you in the mood for Autumn make-up even more, I've picked out my key transitional pieces that I use every year and also some newbies too.

Rimmel Powder Blush in 001 Santa Rose | Benefit Watt's Up! Highlighter | BUTTER London Nail Polish in Toff | PIXI by Petra Flawless and Poreless Primer | Nails Inc. Polish in Chelsea and Elm Park Gardens | Aveda Lip Liner in 880 Kantola Bean | Rimmel Lasting Finish Lip Liner in 063 Black Tulip | Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner in Navy | Nails Inc. Polish in Tate and Victoria & Albert | Benefit Coralista Blush | BareMinerals Lash Domination Mascara | CHANEL Rouge Coco Lipstick in 05 Mademoiselle

Most of my make-up turns towards dark, dusty rose shades which have a nice blue/purple undertone to give off a more natural look with a subtle nod to the 90's trend. I love the warm coral tones of Coralista which adds depth to my colouing, and I've mixed it before with the Rimmel Powder Blush to create this gorgeous deep shade which would do any 90's heroine proud.
For a bit of a golden autumn feel, I continue to use a glowing highlight into the October months for some extra illumination which Watt's Up gives your cheekbones perfectly - a definite cult product worth the money!

Of course, I can't go on without mentioning my new holy grail products which have been making my make-up look on point recently; the PIXI Flawless and Poreless Primer has done an amazing job at disguising the look of pores in the necessary areas (don't believe me, just read the review!) and it's so well suited for all skin types. As you know I am a dedicated Maybelline mascara girl, however this BareMinerals mascara has just swept in and made my lashes look even longer and the wand is perfect for even the bottom lashes too so the doll eyes are in full force now. Finally, my new absolute fave lipstick providing a gorgeous 'your lips but better' shade - the CHANEL Rouge Coco; Mademoiselle is just the right mix of brown, pink and neutral undertones, and whether you wear it on it's own or over a different lip-liner the shade range always looks good - worth the investment.

Having naked nails is not on my agenda any time of year, I always need a shade on to reflect my seasonal mood. Autumn means the reds are out for a bit of colour, and Nails Inc. hasn't failed me in their colour range yet (although the formula can be a bit weak sometimes) - Tate is good for a deep off-pink red, whilst Victoria & Albert will give you a bold classic rouge. For something deeper and earthy, I absolutely adore Victoria and Elm Park Gardens (see similar - shade Green Miracle) for a bit of subtle dark tones with some colour underneath.

Whilst I'd rather have colour on my lips, I like to have a bit of natural emphasis on my eyes so they don't look too small or bare; after searching for a colour other than black that didn't have a thick end, a smudgy consistency, was a pen and easy to use, I was about to give up until the saints at GLAMOUR gave away the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner with the magazine - it's a pen nib (hurrah) with a dark enough colour to still make my eyes look normal and not drowning in heavy black, and is thin enough to get a small flick to keep my eyes looking wide. Result.

Now going back to lips, and I said that Mademoiselle looked awesome over other lip-liners; well these liners are my current two picks to adding depth and warmer reds to any of my lipsticks - for 90's brown circa Rachel Green series 3 Friends, I use the Aveda Lip Liner (see similar - shade Mahogany) which is just an awesome shade that doesn't look to yellow on the teeth either! Next, my trusty buy last year thanks to Sammi at BeautyCrush has served it's purpose well, as the Rimmel Black Tulip Liner always adds a nice modern 90's red and can easily be worn on it's own as the shade is just, wow. 

Of course, it wouldn't be Autumn without some nice brown and gold eye-shadows so my NAKED 1 and MAC Pro Palette will be in full force for a nice bit of depth against the deep lipsticks I'll be whacking out from hibernation. For more make-up styles, I'll be taking a look at the AW 14 trends in next week's post, and showing you how easy it is to rock them everyday so make you're checking back by following the links below!

What are your favourite transitional products? What is your favourite AW make-up piece? Don't forget to use the hashtag #AutumnApproaches to share tips and things you love about Autumn!

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Helloooo everyone!

Don't tell anyone but I think it's September time again - 2014 where are you running away to?! Time for the school rush, autumn leaves, putting on those jumpers (if you haven't already, check out my #AutumnApproaches series here) and also time for a quick round up of my past monthly favourites that have been getting me through this August.

Now TV - we recently got this installed and the range of movies is amazing. You can try a 1 month free trial here, or buy a box for your TV with 2 months of films for £20 - bargain right? So far I've seen Tangled (far too many times), Brave, Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook, Thor 2, Iron Man, Saving Mr Banks... there's so many films on there I still want to see which is always a good sign of a movie package - 6 films are added every week or so, and you'll always find something to watch. I'm planning on watching The Butler and Argo sometime soon, so will fill you in.

Hot Water Bottles - the end of August really bought in some sudden cold weather, like October weather, and it was not nice to get in a frozen cold bed every evening. Three hot water bottles did the trick of heating up my sheets and my tootsies and now I can sleep all cosy.

Finding Old Photos - I recently found about half my life in a box, and it was so nice to come across old pictures of me as a wee baba eating hoola-hoops and having gappy teeth that it caused me to have a little cry. I particularly like my outfits and how I look like a diva in a bathing suit - you stay classy Lauren.

BareMinerals Lash Domination Mascara* - now you all know by now that I am a Maybelline Mascara girl through and through, nothing has ever quite come to their standard in my eyes. However a cheeky little package containing this mascara has really changed my view. The BareMinerals Lash Domination really lengthens your lashes, seperating them and giving a really lifted doll-like look to your eyes. I wore my usual mascara on one eye and this on another, and people commented on how the Lash Domination eye looked so much more 'awake' and lifted. The Protwist 180° Wand covers your lashes with plumped up lengthening and volumising product to make them just look so darn good, so get on it and buy it here now, and check out the rest of the BareMinerals range here!

Pukka Three Mint Tea - I have a Pukka addiction. Their tea is simply the best; every flavour I've tried has just been lovveeeeely. With a deal on in my local supermarket, and the need for some more mintyness in my life, I picked up this flavour and was blown away by how fresh, clean and cleansing it tasted - my palette has never been fresher and I use mouthwash! You can taste each individual flavour of mint and it lasts well over two cups of tea (or mugs in my case, just love me a big cuppa). Try it, you'll love it.

SacconeJoly Vlogs - I am surprised I have not mentioned this family of adorableness earlier on. I've only just got into watching them since just before they left Ireland, but I've followed Anna's blog for ages and was always fawning over how cute she dressed Emilia - I was so happy to find the vlogs! Aside from movies and GBBO, this is the only 'TV' we watch really. SO much more interesting than soaps, so much more hilarious, full of cuteness and lots of cuddle jealousy. If you're reading Joffee and Anna, I'll come do some free babysitting for you! Watch them here.

Louche London Pineapple Earrings* - I've had my ears pieced for years, but hassle left me setting the studs for the side and keeping my ears free. Since, I've worn the odd hoop and tried to find a dangly earring that will suit me but alas I haven't. Answering my prayers, Joy The Store sent over these funky bold pineapples for me to style up and play with, and with my qualms of yellow this actually look awesome on and against my make-up. I wore these the other day with some print and I looked so fabulously retro and 80's I internally high-5'd myself. Go check out the brand here for some amazing AW 14 pieces!

Are any of your SacconeJoly viewers? Have you tried the Pukka Tea range?

See you in September! Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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Friday, 29 August 2014

Helloooo everyone!

I think Autumn fashion has to be my favourite - lots of jumpers, pretty coats and boots, and lots of navy blue to wear to my heart's content.
As part of my #AUTUMNAPPROACHES series, I wanted to share my top fashion pieces and tips for how to dress, giving you some inspiration of how to work the chilly weather this autumn.

The best thing about autumn; cable knits, novelty prints, soft and snuggly, or lightweight to layer up. I like to have a varied few styles to dress up or down including a Navy Cable Knit (see similar), Fluffy Cable Knit, White Cable Knit, Printed Sweatshirt, and novelty Christmas Jumper - because why not.
Current jumpers I love - 1 2 3

Cold weather = keeping warm. You may think 'The basic layers look so boring and are uncomfortable' but you can layer up with a striped t-shirt to add a bit of style and keep your tummy warm against the windy weather. Adding collared tops also jazzes up your layers, so throw a jumper on top and you are good to go!

Coloured Tights
Don't dismiss your legs this season, make them stand out and look fabulous with the rest of your outfit by injecting some lovely rich autumn tones. Thick brown tights are a great pick with navy and green outfits, whilst purple tights will add some jazz to black and grey pieces.

Possibly the easiest way to inject some boldness and life into your look; a simple coloured scarf or one with a lovely print will add something eye-catching to your outfit, therefore brightening your and everyone else's day!

The biggest thing about autumn? Finding the perfect coat! A long-term investment is always best but it doesn't always have to be black. This season is all about pastel colours so pick up a nice lavender or blue shade, or if that's not your thing, a statement shade that will always suit you is a great choice - I went for a blue Burberry coat which is one of my favourite shades, plus it coves my backside (a bonus, warm bums are happy bums) and has a hood for extra hat protection.

Colour Palettes
Doesn't everyone love a good colour scheme to play dress up with? In autumn, I love the rich red, purple and green tones that reflect the leaves and weather changing; blues and golds also help add some effect, so play around with deep coloured jumpers against a dark berry lip, orange lipstick with a blue coat, or an all-over brown outfit with pops of green and red. Go wild and experiment!

This time of year is really a great one to experiment with; embracing the darker shades against current uplifting pastels makes dressing up in those warmer pieces so much more enjoyable. I'll be seeing you on the other side, clad in layers of jumpers and sipping vanilla chai tea ;)

What are your autumn/winter fashion essentials? Which colour do you embrace in the autumn?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Helloooo everyone!

Of course, there had to be a food post for Autumn. Autumn food is so comforting; Shepherd's Pie, Mash, Roast Dinners, Soup - I could go onnnnn because I love the filling, warming happiness it brings at every mealtime.

Eating seasonally can be good for not only your purse (cheaper and more in demand) and for the environment, but is also fresher and more nutritious for you. To spread the love this autumn with food, I've compiled a lil'list for you all to get 'in the know' about some of the produce you should be eating this chilly season and how you can use them in mealtimes...

(mini disclaimer - I wouldn't personally eat all these foods, but for the sake of appealing to everyone's diets, I have included meat and fish to help point out what variety of produce you can try to switch up your meals !)

Food in Season

Artichoke | Aubergine | Beetroot | Butternut Squash | Courgette | Cucumber | Kale | Sweetcorn | Peaches | Fig | Raspberries | Lamb | Plaice

Celeriac | Fennel | Parsnips | Pumpkin | Pears | Mackerel | Mussels

Brussels Sprouts | Potatoes | Swede | Apples | Cranberries | Pomegranate | Beef | Crab | Lemon Sole

Cauliflower | Turnips | Clementine | Turkey | Scallops

Meal Suggestions

Meat and Fish - Italian Chicken with Ham, Basil and Beans | Beef Jhal Faraizi | Steamed Fillets of Seabass | Grilled Salmon Open Chicken and Chilli Jam Sandwich | Fantastic Fish Pie
Vegetarian - Butternut Ricotta Tart | Gnocchi with Roasted Squash and Feta Cheese | Fig and Mozzarella Salad | Squash Risotto Spinach Soba Bowl | Chipotle Sweet Potato and Brown Rice Egg Skillet
Pudding - Orchard Crumble Pear and Blackberry Crumble | Spiced Apple Bundt Cake Raspberry Marshmallows | Christmas Rocky Road  |
Gluten Free - Pumpkin and Lentil Soup | Late Summer Tomato and Carrot Salad Layered Aubergine and Lentil Bake |
Vegan - The Big Vegan Bowl | Turtle Oatmeal Cookies | Lentil Mushroom Walnut Balls | Celeriac Mash | Roast Peach and Beetroot | Vegetable Dhal | Cauliflower Crust Pizza | Bean Chilli | Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie

Warm pie with ice-cream, homemade soup, cinnamon and tea...ahhh I love winter warming food. It's always comforting, satisfying and brings great joy (and leftovers) to the table. I know I'll be making more soups as Autumn sets in, and as Winter gets nearer - eeeek - it's going to be holiday baking and roast dinners. I am drooling.

Have these recipes inspired you for the Autumn/Fall season? Do you have favourite recipe to share? Do you eat seasonally? You can tweet me with the hashtag #AutumnApproaches also to let me know what you think about autumn food and the series too!

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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Monday, 25 August 2014

Hellooooo everyone!

Now September is creeping closer, and it's pretty evident from the weather that the jumpers and jeans will soon be out in full force. The change in weather brings a new set of trends to the table and a change in the make-up we'll be wearing - lighter foundation, deep reds and purples, metallics, warmer pigmented shadows and blushes.

A theme always excited me so I've decided to do a week of Autumn themed posts for beauty, fashion and food to get you inspired for the new season - ingeniously called #AutumnApproaches if I do say so myself ;) Today I'm going to whack out the first of three posts - because there is just so much to talk about! - and today we're discussing top tips for changing up your make-up and skincare for the cooler months; how to keep nourished and not let the effects of the environment make you feel less like you. Coming up will be how I transition my make-up, and also the AW 14 trends you have to try - I'm feeling that blue eyeshadow trend.

But let's put all that to one side now and get cracking on the things you should get ready to invest in now for great beauty routines later...

Changing up your beauty and skincare
Colder months bring in the drastic central heating and bitter outdoors, causing our skin to be jumping about all over the place and making our hair a bit frizzy, whilst also being subjected to a lot of extra heat to style it back in place. Gone also are the days of sunkissed glows and in comes the dry and 'in dire need of some salvation' red cheeks. Here are a couple of my tips for how you can manage your mane this autumn and get your skin looking winter ready in no time;

1. My love of matte foundations comes back into play as Autumn approaches, making sure my paleish skin matches my body once again. On top of moisturised skin, I find matte lasts a lot longer and looks natural whilst helping to remove redness and give a more flawless finish without hinting at the effects of colder weather. MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15 is my absolute favourite; perfect colour and lasts for hours. It's also a great foundation for newbies to high end brands as the range of shades is fantastic. NARS Sheer Glow is also a fabulous finish, not too glowy either but looks more natural than anything. If you're not one for high coverage, a tinted moisturiser or BB Cream such as the Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser and The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream are good products to try for a lighter base.

2. As I said above, the key to making your new season base work is good hydration. Radiators, cold air, heating, anything that causes a sudden temperature change can cause our skin some havoc (and our hair, but we'll get on that topic in a sec!). The best way to save your skin is to invest in some good quality rich moisturisers that will give your cells that boost in hydration and make your skin much more supple and smooth. I like to use the Clarins Oils - I've mixed between Lotus and Blue Orchid depending on how my skin decides to be but both do their job stupendously! - and Hydraquench range as they really soak into the skin, plus they suit my skin type which would be sensitive combination skin. Obviously Day and Night Creams will have different formulas, but an SPF and a replenishing anti-aging product will serve you through the cold months!

3. Now onto hair; I wash mine every other day now as my natural hair is now fully growing through so it needs a good rinse more often. I would suggest a cleansing shampoo and conditioner once a week, such as Aussie Beach Mate, and also a intensive thermal conditioner. Thermal conditioners are the highest in nourishment and repairing qualities so it's great to whack them on regularly during the late autumn/winter months, and I would have to recommend the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Deep Treatment Masque for full hair-smoothing goodness. I would suggest using an intensive conditioner or mask twice a week; once after the cleanse routine and another as an end-of-week treat. If you can sleep in it overnight, excellent, but a few hours letting it sink it makes it super soft and glorious.

4. A big big big thing I'd also reiterate in the cooler months is try not to use so much heat on your hair. I know in general it is said loads, but with all the temperature changes it might be good for your hair (and your electric bill) if you laid off the appliances a bit more. Obviously, I'm not saying go outside in the cold with wet hair and catch a death - no that's silly - just let your hair air-dry 75% of the time you wash, nourish it with oils and then plait it or put it in a bun for a lovely sleek do with movement. Save the heat for really urgent instances - you are late, you're going out on a night out, you want to replicate your 13 year old straight box hairdo (never a good look Lauren) - and you'll also save some pennies! Yaaaay!

5. Lastly, always have a good supply of hand-cream about. A thick, rich hand cream will stop you having those sore cracks or horrible dry, tight fingers that annoy us all and instead will give you lovely nourished palms. For dryness, I suggest La Roche Posay Lipikar Hand Repair Cream, and for ultimate moisture try a bit of luxury with the L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream.

I hope this was inspiring and gave you some tips on how you can get your hair and face ready for the oncoming winds and rains of Mother Nature, and that you'll be sticking around to see the next two installments of the series - pop a comment below on what your #1 tip for transitional haircare and beauty is in Autumn/Winter, or tweet me using the hashtag #AutumnApproaches to tell me what you love about this series and your beauty tips.

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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Friday, 22 August 2014

Helloooo everyone!

Pieces that last a lifetime (or a few years at least) are pieces I like to invest in. After years of buying Topshop for each new event and later throwing them out, I've finally narrowed my wardrobe down to the things I will wear often and know always look good no matter the hair colour and occassion - perfect.

I've had this gorgeous Urban Outfitters dress for about 3 years now and it just...works. Throw it over thick brown tights and you're good for winter, or chuck a denim jacket on with bare legs and you're ready for spring. I love the little hoof/wifi pattern on the dress - I'm calling it as wifi because I'm pretty much always on the internet - and it's got really nice detailing around the neckline and down the back which is just so different too. Ooh, and did I mention it has pockets; ooh yeah, pockets!

As a nice floaty dress, you can kinda rock this whenever, and it's navy too so you can brighten it up, add some black or go all out on the blue - I love to add browns and reds for autumn which is just such a staple look in my seasonal wardrobe.

Navy Dress - Urban Outfitters | Sandals - Hush Puppies
Of course, the faithful Hush Puppies are out in force again - I'm not quite ready to let these go back into the box just yet and start reaching for the big warm durable boots. I'm also thinking from these photos it might be time to cut the ol'hairdo a bit shorter again, what do you think?

Have you got a faithful long-standing dress? Do you like Urban Outfitters clothes?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Helloooo everyone!

Well woop-de-woop, the How What Why posts are back and ready to give you some tips and inspiration on life, and also let me ramble on for ages about stuff that I think is important - it's good to have a rant.

Speaking of rants, sometimes the build up of pressure and confusion can cause a massive shpeal of everything that is wrong in your life and how you feel like giving up is the only easy option coming out all at once; but it's not the only option - getting stuck in a rut is common, and it can also really knock your confidence and productivity in whatever task you are attempting. Getting out of a rut might seem hard, but there are a few simple things you can do to reclaim back your enthusiasm and start to banish the blues.

Get inspired
It's pretty easy to gain access to so many pieces of inspiration via the internet these days, so if you're struggling to write a blog post, a piece for work or school or you are in the midst of an artistic masterpiece, you literally do have the world at your fingertips. This may be the most obvious and talked about point in blog posts, but scouring Pinterest and blogs is a sure-fire easy way to gain inspiration (just make sure it's not direct copying though!). Books and magazines are also fabulous for creative and beauty subjects, and I keep my own personal scrapbook of editorials and layouts that inspire me which are used either as backdrops in my photos or they inspire the styling and content of photoshoots I create. Another great tip is to think of any events or changing seasons coming up - it's almost autumn so maybe you can plan some autumn themed content (I myself have a little series coming up in the next few weeks!), or do some prep for LFW which is coming soon!

Talking it out with people you're close to
This is probably the thing I'll do most when I'm feeling down or frustrated about things; I'll go talk to my mum and she'll give me talking down or reality check which does work to be honest - even if I don't agree with what she says. Talking it out or writing it down in a diary does help relieve stress, anger and problems that you over-think and allows you to move on with what you were doing before. Talking your way out of a rut helps you gain perspective and realise how manageable your issues may be, so be calm and go ring a close friend or family member for a reassuring chinwag.

Step away from the surrounding environment
You may have a deadline for school or uni, work you need to complete or something to write and plan ASAP, but working in frustration without motivation is a recipe for disaster. If you can't think of a good way to write something, then allow yourself a break; take yourself out of the place your working for 5 minutes if you're at your job, or maybe an hour if you're at home, and go and do something different. Try some yoga to stretch and allow energy to flow through you, go and watch a film (Disney classics may I suggest?) and have a laugh, or maybe bake some yummy cakes which will cook as you finish your work and you can reward yourself with a treat straight from the oven! Like Zoe said about anxiety, sometimes just taking yourself out of the immediate surroundings and allowing yourself to calm and collect your thoughts gives you the spark you need to get out of a rut.

Sort out other things in your life
Focusing on one issue - be it you getting a job, moving house, starting school or talking to a group of new people - can really make your brain stress and you turn all your passions against you. Like I said before, removing yourself from that situation helps, so why not try to clear your mind by clearing your environment. Working and living in an untidy rut can make your personal rut seem worse, so sort out your make-up collection, clear out your wardrobe - Anna has some fab tips here - reorganise drawers and desk space, anything to make your energy feel cleaner. It's amazing how space can make you feel spacious internally; give it a go, you'll feel fantastic.

There will be so many times we'll get down and frantic about what we're doing with our lives, and although I preach it I need to do it - just reminding yourself of all the good things, your passions and taking time to talk it out will help build a good support system. I regularly freak out about what I should have done in the last 5 years, what I should and could do now, and what I should and could do in the future, but freaking out gets you nowhere. I have a list of things I want to do and I know that thinking it out loud and writing about it will help me get their quicker and plan, but also appreciate the time and moment I am in as I write this.

Your rut may seem like the biggest thing in the world right now, but just having a good ol' laugh and some hugs will reassure you that you don't have to whizz through your life and goals right now, and I promise you you'll be climbing on out of that rut in no time.

Do you often get stuck in a rut? How do you deal with issues and problems?

Lots of Love,
Lauren x

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Helloooo everyone!

Now as much as I love cooking and baking, sometimes waiting an hour for sweet potato chips is just pushing the limits of hangary; I end up eating my weight in almonds and spinach and then sulk about wasting my appetite. One option is to batch make food and simply reheat it, or you can try the super delicious and nutritious (what a pun 'ey) Innocent Veg Pots.

A new line of products from the smoothie genius's, these little pots are packed full of flavour from all corners of the global palette and with lots of green nutritional scores, are a fabulous alternative to your local takeaway.
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Monday, 18 August 2014

Helloooo everyone !

To have nourished, hydrated and swishy hair is probably every girl's dream; goodbye to the damage of bleaching and hello to restoration. I've searched high and low for years for something that will repair the dryness of my over-bleached 'do - as you know I found KeraCare disappointing, and Moroccan Oil is a very good product for dry hair, yet it still felt quite thick for my hair. Thankfully a few weeks ago, a package containing the O'Right Golden Rose Oil* landed on my doorstep and I quickly set about trying it on my hair and seeing what goodness it bought.

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Friday, 15 August 2014

| things I wear daily, my favourite outfits |

Hellooooo everyone!

Another Friday, another fashion post, another week gone by! It's crazy how time flies but is slow at the same time - I really don't want it to be September soon, yet I like wearing my layered jumpers and collars.

Today is probably the last time I can get away with wearing so little without being abroad, so let's say hello to the Little Breton Dress and get ready for those leggings.
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